Lucie October Update

Thank you all for subscribing to the Lucie website! We have a growing client list, and things are getting busy. We created social media pages that you can follow below.



Instagram – It’s my personal page, but it will have work and play:



Here’s what we are currently working on. For we are managing their website and social media pages. We are currently designing and building a brand new website and creating the content for the site. This is original content that includes articles, pictures and the most important – VIDEO! We are running their 6 Facebook pages, boosting posts and handling on-line ads. One original content post reached more than 76,000 people in a week, and we are actively responding to all comments and engaging their followers. Check out: and you will see a big difference when we launch their NEW WEBSITE later this fall.

Videos we created for them:

For SignatureFD, we are profiling some of their high-net-worth clients and asking them what their Net Worthwhile is. That’s their trademarked term so we will be speaking with entrepreneurs, businesswomen, professional athletes and philanthropists to showcase the facets of their business. Some of them include SignatureEntrepreneur, SignatureWomen, SignaturePro, SignatureGenerosity.

Our latest SignatureEntrepreneur video:

For American Medical Response or AMR, we created several videos that show the day in the life of paramedics. We profiled a patient who AMR paramedics saved, and we created sizzle reels. A sizzle reel is like a highlight reel showing off everything they do in a minute or so. Much more to come here! This video had more than 10,000 views in less than two weeks across several platforms. It’s picking up a few hundred views per week.

We are excited to partner up with the Flynn Law Group and Taylor English. These videos are in production and showcase their work and their attorneys. Stay tuned for more on this exciting venture!

We also made a trip to South Carolina to document home healthcare providers and to showcase the care and facilities of a major Atlanta-based healthcare company. If you can’t tell, we like covering healthcare. We did a mini-documentary, and once the client reveals it…we’ll post it.

Also keep an eye out for the great work at the North Gwinnett Co-Op and a few other non-profits we will be shining the LUCIE on!

Thanks for keeping tabs on us. Let us know if we can help you!

-The Lucie Team

My WSB colleagues.

My colleagues have been like family for 8 years. No one could ask for better colleagues! We had so much fun! While this was hard at first, I know I’ll be seeing them in the near future around town and maybe even doing some OTT content down the line. I have learned so much from them. They have taught me how to work harder, quicker and to be extremely efficient. In news, you have to be efficient. We have hard deadlines every day, and if you miss them you jeopardize the entire newscast. My colleagues have helped prepare me for this business. I always tell people, WSB can prepare anyone for anything because no one works like we do! A big THANK YOU to my peers…my family!

My Last Day.

Last Newscast

WSB. The call letters stand for Welcome South Brother. That’s what you all have done. I came to WSB in 2011 as a weekend anchor, and then made my way to the anchor desk full-time while still reporting every day. It’s been an amazing ride!

Yes, Friday was my last day. I decided I wanted to take a risk and try something different. This website explains some of what we will be doing, but who knows what this could morph into. This is a content/communications business so I’ll be telling stories to humanize businesses, organizations, charities...all the above. Content is king! My family and I are staying in Atlanta, though, so you will still see me.

I just want to thank you for your support over the years. We’ve covered it all and been through good times, bad times and sad times. When our little boy arrived 2+ months early, you were there and prayed for us. Your prayers worked, and he’s the happiest little guy ever. Thank you! Thank you for trusting me to deliver the news about our community. My family has only seen me work in newsrooms since I was 18. My daughter loves the TV world, and I may have even changed a diaper or two by my desk (see pics). I was just going through my camera roll and came across the many stories I’ve covered, wonderful people I’ve met and the major events we have covered. It has been incredible, and now it’s time for me to pursue another dream. Thank you for everything!

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