The Time is NOW!

It’s 12:03 AM (now Tuesday), and I have to be up to feed my baby in a couple of hours, and then get up for work just before 7 AM.

This has been my schedule the past few months and while it is tiring, I love it. Why? Well, first I love my little man and he’s freaking adorable, but I’m also focusing on building something bigger than me. The fact that I’m walking away from a career that I’ve done since I was teenager is strange to many. They always ask me “Why?” The simple answer is: “It’s time to take a risk.” But to me its a calculated and well thought out risk. I have been thinking about starting a content business for quite some time. The great thing about it is… it’s in line with what I have been doing since I was kid. I’ve always had a camera in my hand and documented stories. In fact, I started documenting all of our family events and basically took over my dad’s VHS video camera before I was even 8.

I’ve read enough books, entrepreneur magazines and listened to plenty of podcasts to see a common theme in very successful people. I’ve also observed and studied them throughout my career. What do they do? They go for it! To them, THE TIME IS NOW! They have pursued their dreams and believed in them. As many will tell you: what is the worst that can happen? Sure, you can fail. If you do, it humbles you, you learn from your mistakes and you come back stronger. Failing, though, is not an option. I am fortunate in that I have tested this content model, and clients like what they see so far. So what am I doing? Here you go…

Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. It’s always brought people together! I believe whether it’s you, your business, your charity…whatever, you must tell your story. YOU have to be a content creator! The majority of people are visual, and people are consuming content at record numbers. But people want good content, and who doesn’t love a great story? We want to tell the real stories to humanize what you and your business do. We want to create connections to your brand. As journalists, when we think about how to tackle a story, we always want to find that special person and tell a memorable piece. It’s what keeps people from turning away.

I tell clients, you don’t always have to be on the news since you can create your own news. You can become your own ‘outlet’ as we say. I am seeing newsrooms shrink, and they can’t always send a crew to cover your event. Why not cover it for the people who couldn’t make it, and tell your story in an interesting way? Why not send your raw video out to ‘outlets’ that may be starving for content on that ‘slow news day?’ That is just one portion of what we will be doing. You can check out the ‘About’ tab to see the services we offer.

Am I leaving Atlanta? Nope! I love this city. This city actually makes it easier to work anywhere in the world, and I’m already traveling for a client so don’t count us out if you’re not in Georgia.

OK, this post is getting long which goes against what I’m preaching about when it comes to the importance of compelling content. The bottom line is this: I love news and will always love news. It has prepared me for this next venture in ways that a classroom never could. The people I’ve met along the way have shaped me, and I’m truly grateful that we have crossed paths. For those of you reading this, I hope I can be your guinea pig as they say and show you that you can truly do anything you set your mind to.

Remember, the time is not next year, next week, next month or even tomorrow…THE TIME IS NOW!


(BTW it’s 1 AM and my little man is crying. It’s also TIME for a bottle, bed, to wake up and to start hustling!)