Subscription Breakdown

The internship

A ‘ratings style’ piece to summarize your story. This is a story that can be a landing page video for your website. It can be your hype reel! We start here and grow your content creation capabilities. This is a one time fee, and prices can vary on how technical you want to get with music, graphics, drones etc.

small market

A ‘ratings style’ video and a few short ‘pop videos’ that are highly produced and strategically boosted for your business or organization. Three month subscription.

medium market

You’re moving on up and a little more experienced. Well done! We will create your ‘ratings style’ video of your choice. The content stream is beginning with a couple strategically produced videos and social media guidance. Four month subscription.

large market

You’ve arrived, but there is another step beyond here so keep that in mind. We will create your ‘ratings style’ pieces of your choice. The constant content stream will now consist of at least three strategic videos. Our social media strategy along with our signature earned media strategy is fully deployed. The subscription model will be discussed to your specifications. Most of these packages are for a six month period.

the chief storyteller

Hey! How are you? So let’s talk in detail to deliver exactly what you need when it comes to content, PR, marketing, SEO strategy, etc. We can do everything mentioned under the ‘About us’ tab. We can also takeover your website starting with redesign and content management.