The English cognate of Lucie is derived from Latin lux (light).

In Italian and French, the meaning of the name Lucie is: Light; Illumination; Graceful Light.

We are a team that will illuminate your business or organization, and we will put you on a path of becoming your own content creator. As journalists, our inboxes have been filled with emails from PR agencies pitching us to cover certain topics. Sometimes that is not the best model. If your client already has a PR and/or marketing team, we work with that team. We have an ‘earned media’ strategy and can help you in a number of ways.

Our Services:

Content Creation * Video Production * Social Media Strategy * Crisis Communications

Media Consulting * On-Camera Talent * Voice-over Talent * Talent Coaching * Earned PR

Press Releases * Corporate Videos * News Conferences * Media and Public Relations

Political Messaging and Consulting * Brand Strategy * Spokesperson * OTT Content

* Moderator * Event Emcee * Blockchain Communications


Hi Craig,

Action News is coming to our building at 2:00 today to interview our Veteran residents….you work fast. Thank you, how exciting.

What We've Achieved

  • Emmy-award winning team

  • Multiple Georgia Association of Broadcasters Awards

  • Best Anchor - Southeast Emmy

  • Best On-air Personality - GABBY

  • Texas Association of Broadcasters Awards